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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Straight Hair and Growing Bangs Out

First, an updated picture of all three of my little ones. 
Side Note: they aren't very little anymore. And this makes me sad and happy at the same time. :/ 

Anyway, hair! 
This is a simple style, but looks lovely and natural. We used a straightener on her hair, but didn't go stick-straight. Just enough to cut the frizz and little bits of curl that crop up in weird spots in Little Miss's hair. 

So, these photos are kinda blurry and it was windy, but hopefully you get the idea. After smoothing the hair some, I added a french braid to each side, switching to a regular braid about halfway back. This keep some of the hair falling down on the sides, but still keeps the top in order. This looks best if the braid is kept loose. You can add a flower or simple ribbon and keep with the natural look. 

This shot shows her length. She is really excited for the fun styles we'll be able to do with "really, super long hair". We're working on growing bangs out too, so the messy style works perfectly for that.

Okay, one more of all three. Love their faces! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Elsa Braid Using a Deep Waver

This post is full of pictures. We finished this style with extra time before going out, so we took the opportunity to get some updated photos. :)

Miss Sass, like many other children her age, is absolutely in love with Frozen! And while she says that she looks like Anna, she likes Elsa more. My girl doesn't have super-long hair (though we are working on growing it out) and it is still baby fine. She has thick hair, just very soft and fine. In any case, this means she doesn't have a lot of volume and this style requires a LOT of volume! 

Alright, I'm done with the introduction! 

For this 'do, use a waver to get that extra oomph. I prefer a 1.5" 3-barrel waver. They have a really nice one at most beauty supply stores that I love, but you can also get one at Walmart or Target for about $25. 

So, wave all the hair and add either mousse or hairspray to hold. Next is the braid. Start with a large section of hair about 1/2 inch above ears. You can start the braid in the middle just below the crown. As you add hair, you will take only small amounts from the left side while taking larger amount from the right and increasing this as you move to the left. Finish the braid and add a small elastic. You can then loosen the braid further by pulling gently on small pieces of hair on the edges. Spray to finish. 
And Voila!

This style does work better on hair with longer or fewer layers as shorter layers are more likely to come loose. However, bobby pins can make a huge difference! If you need this style to really hold up for a party/Halloween/etc, try finishing with Got2Be Glued Freezing Spray. 

The waver really gives depth to this style where it would otherwise be rather dull. I love using it for my own hair as well. Just waving the top section can make even a ponytail look so much fuller! 

I hope your family is enjoying this wonderful summer! Next week, we are going to see Maleficent. I'm sensing a new style in the works soon! <3 nbsp="" p="">

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blake Lively Braids and Curls

Speaking strictly about hair here... Blake's is amazing! I think this style works for many ages and I love that it is soft and can be casual or dressy!
Okay, so this is our before... I'm sharing this because I want those thin-haired girls out there to unite! Or at least realize that you can have volume too! Miss Sass has fairly thin and baby-fine hair! It is all about the right product and the right curling method. ;)
 So, first for curls. I combined traditional 'curl up from the end' curls with spiral curls. Start with the curling iron at the top and roll the very top section around the barrel. Pull the iron straight out from the head allowing the hair to move slowly (still wrapped once around) the barrel. Having two types of curls will add depth! Layers help too!
I curled all of her hair away from her face. This style works best with it all moving in the same direction...
 Okay, the actual style is incredibly simple. A few braids. We did two on this side and one on the other. Regular braids will do, though you can "stretch" them to make them appear thicker. Then pin them back a little and under a layer of loose hair. 
Now for the warning: 
There were SO many cute shots this day. I posted quite a few... but there were actually about 10 more that I just loved! So, yeah. Lots of photos! ;) 

 Oh, I forgot. As for product!!! 
Always always ALWAYS!!! Use a heat protector in little ones' hair when curling/blow drying! 
So, to get the volume? 
I use dry shampoo, lightweight spray gel, and hairspray. Not always all three, but for this one I did because I wanted it to last all day! Dry shampoo is amazing. Seriously! It is flexible, but adds texture and volume! 
And don't fret about fumes! I use dye-free, all-natural, vegan products on Little Miss. There are things out there! Google it or ask your local beauty supplier. 
(Btw, we aren't vegans-though I have an amazing friend whose family is 100% vegan/natural.- We use natural and vegan products because of A's medical condition.)
..... Another way to add volume? 
Run around, act crazy, jump into the air! Let the curls bounce and breath a little! 
Or you can turn your head upside down and gently tousle it. 
Whatever you enjoy more! 
Don't you wish you could feel this carefree, for just a moment?!
 Okay, so the rest of these are after all of the jumping and playing. Still in place. Great defined curls, and a happy girl. All I could ask for!

.... Yeah, still more.... :P 

Hope your day is as happy as this!~

Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 Strand Diagonal Braid

We've faced some interesting challenges since the fall and are finally getting back to  "normal" life. I may document some of the experiences here later on. Basically, we went to a new pediatrician, ended up going through a series of specialists (ENT, Allergist, Immunologist, Asthma), minor surgery, entirely new medicine regimen and action plan, and now-hopefully-a girl who can lead a relatively normal life! Honestly, it is good news! Just stressful at times and ridiculously busy! Thanks to everyone still hanging around and we hope to see much much more of you all! 

So, for this style, I followed a tutorial on my favorite hair blog, Girly Do's. Jenn is amazing as ever and continues to deliver unique, beautiful, and simple/soft styles! Little Miss and I have lost track of time more than once just looking at all of her awesome posts! 
Okay, so there were a few very small differences in what we did. Little Miss really likes side styles, so we started at the front left and went across her head to the bottom right. But I did the braid the exact same way. Then at the end, I continued the braid to the end. I think it would look lovely with a loose curly bun or a bunch of curls with a bow. Either way, I was short on time, so just did the braid. ;)
Love love the details of this braid! It looks intricate, but it rather simple once you get the hang of it! Plus, this one can be done on relatively short hair! 

And finally, here is the beautiful princess. She has changed so much recently and I can't believe how big she is getting! Love to all our readers!  

Monday, November 19, 2012

David Tennant as Doctor Who - Boy Hair Style

I realize by posting this I am admitting my inner nerd to the world, but I can't help it. 
This man:
 Has GREAT hair! Seriously, I love his hair!
 Drama Boy is in serious need of a haircut... and apparently that's what you need to create this look! Lol. It looked so adorable and he got compliments from quite a few people when we were out that evening. Now, here's the kicker. I know many of you with boys probably do not use many products. This one took two products. And a blow dryer. We started with slightly damp hair and added Auquage. (It is a totally awesome modeling paste that is way too expensive for an 8yr old... but I buy it for him anyway. ;) He dried his hair most of the way and then shaped it with a brush. Next we used Got 2 b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray to get the separated, messy, spiky thing going. You can literally just hold the hair where you want it, spray, hold it there til dry and it will stay. Love it! All in all, it takes about 10-15 minutes. Not bad and he does most of it.
In true Doctor Who fashion, he has his cute, young, sassy sidekick!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Wedding

I made this headpiece and accent band set while trying out a new style of hair accessories for my shop and Little Miss fell in love! ;) She asked if she could wear them and of course I said yes!
So, this style is actualy very pretty and wonderful for weddings or really any event. You can dress it up or down. It is also pretty easy to achieve... that's my favorite part! ;) So, you just start with curls. They can be tight or loose, though I prefer medium to loose curl. Also, you only have to get curl into the hair from about the ears down.
Next, you use any headband and place it on the head and then push it down. You can create a bouf by gently tugging the hair or you can just leave it flat against your head. Pin the headband in place in a couple spots. Then you just grab the curls a little at a time and pin them very loosely above the headband. You can pin them a few times for very long hair or just let the curls hang down. We grabbed a few tiny strands here and there and pulled them out. I think this gives it a softer and more carefree look.  
This do doesn't have to be perfect, in fact I think it is more beautiful when it is just a touch messy. ;) This might look like it would fall out, but it stayed in Miss Sass's hair for several hours until she finally asked for the pins to be taken out... You can also cross the pins for a tighter hold. Oh, and we topped it with a smoothing hairspray. Anyway, so that the 'do, hope that is easy enough to understand. ;) 

Okay, so then there is the new headpiece and band... I had so much fun making this! I really didn't know how it would turn out and even after it was finished I didn't think I'd like it on. I was wrong. Lol, I loved it on my princess! And the band was just an afterthought. I had this little piece of lace left and she asked for a bracelet, but I liked the idea of an anklet. I can imagine this on a little barfoot flower girl at the beach. ;) 

Stay cool... xoxo

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