Friday, May 3, 2013

2nd Day Do ~ French Braid Waves

 Yesterday, Little Miss had double dutch braids. (Dorothy braids, as my hubs calls them.) We left them in over night and had very little to do this morning!
--Still spirit week. This is for favorite team day.--
 We have done this one before and it is a great stand-by when in a hurry. Put a pouf at the front with just the "bangs" section of hair. Then add braids on either side from the ears going up. Pull it all together into another pony and voila!
 You can do a straight braid, twist braids, step ponies, or just pull the side sections up. I like the look of french braids, but there are other options if you haven't mastered them yet. 
You can add a bun or ponytail to the back. Or you can curl the rest or leave it straight... Personally, I love these waves from french braiding! ;)
 Okay, we added a few extra pics today... Miss Sass fancies herself a future cheerleader, so she wanted these taken!

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blake Lively Braids and Curls

Speaking strictly about hair here... Blake's is amazing! I think this style works for many ages and I love that it is soft and can be casual or dressy!
Okay, so this is our before... I'm sharing this because I want those thin-haired girls out there to unite! Or at least realize that you can have volume too! Miss Sass has fairly thin and baby-fine hair! It is all about the right product and the right curling method. ;)
 So, first for curls. I combined traditional 'curl up from the end' curls with spiral curls. Start with the curling iron at the top and roll the very top section around the barrel. Pull the iron straight out from the head allowing the hair to move slowly (still wrapped once around) the barrel. Having two types of curls will add depth! Layers help too!
I curled all of her hair away from her face. This style works best with it all moving in the same direction...
 Okay, the actual style is incredibly simple. A few braids. We did two on this side and one on the other. Regular braids will do, though you can "stretch" them to make them appear thicker. Then pin them back a little and under a layer of loose hair. 
Now for the warning: 
There were SO many cute shots this day. I posted quite a few... but there were actually about 10 more that I just loved! So, yeah. Lots of photos! ;) 

 Oh, I forgot. As for product!!! 
Always always ALWAYS!!! Use a heat protector in little ones' hair when curling/blow drying! 
So, to get the volume? 
I use dry shampoo, lightweight spray gel, and hairspray. Not always all three, but for this one I did because I wanted it to last all day! Dry shampoo is amazing. Seriously! It is flexible, but adds texture and volume! 
And don't fret about fumes! I use dye-free, all-natural, vegan products on Little Miss. There are things out there! Google it or ask your local beauty supplier. 
(Btw, we aren't vegans-though I have an amazing friend whose family is 100% vegan/natural.- We use natural and vegan products because of A's medical condition.)
..... Another way to add volume? 
Run around, act crazy, jump into the air! Let the curls bounce and breath a little! 
Or you can turn your head upside down and gently tousle it. 
Whatever you enjoy more! 
Don't you wish you could feel this carefree, for just a moment?!
 Okay, so the rest of these are after all of the jumping and playing. Still in place. Great defined curls, and a happy girl. All I could ask for!

.... Yeah, still more.... :P 

Hope your day is as happy as this!~

Monday, April 29, 2013

Crazy Hair Day ... Tiara Hair

Crazy hair day is always fun for us! The last several times, I've let Miss Sass choose the style and just gone with it. This time, neither of us chose. Lol. I just started putting little ponies in and it grew from there. Have to say though... we were very pleased with the results. And I was told by my hubby who picked up the kids from school that her classmates were very impressed! 
This stayed in all day... however there was more glitter on her clothes and skin than in her hair by the time she got home. Hmm... ;)
Hopefully you can see what we did. If anyone is interested, I can do a step-by-step. Just let me know! 
In the future, I have to remember that polka dots make for a cute umbrella, but not the best background for detailed photos!~  
Hope you enjoyed our crazy for the day! Have your own crazy hair do? Send me a photo... we love sharing ideas! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Stretched Braid Piggies Tutorial

Here is the step-by-step of yesterday's style. I love the way this looks on little girls. Very feminine and fun! ;)
 I think the pics are pretty easy to follow....
Start with hair parted into piggies with the front (ear to ear) left out.
 Part the front into two sections. I like a diagonal part, because it gives a great shape to the style. Braid those two sections.
 Next, "stretch" the braids by gently pulling the edges of each plait to make them wider.
 I threw in this photo of the stretched and un-stretched braids so you can see the difference it makes.
 Criss-cross the braided sections and secure with the pigtails. I think it looks best to pull them back loosely. Gives lots of volume in the front!
Pull the pigtails into ponytail loops.
--Basically, you fold the hair in half and wrap an elastic around the folded hair right at the base of the ponytail. Or only pull the hair halfway through the last time through the elastic.--
 Secure the top of the loop to the hair above the ponytail. The rest of the loop will hang down and make a nice round poof.
 Hard to see in the picture here, but in person this style looks really cool and way more intricate than it actually is. Plus, it is relatively quick and easy. Love it!
Hope this helps for anyone wanting to try this style. Lots of love! 

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