Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bouf & French Braid Piggies w/ Vintage Clip

This look came out so cute! I used to do something similar to my own hair that I had copied from a tv show, though I can't remember which one now. ;)

Start by pulling up the top half of her hair and making a bouf. I do this by pulling the hair back and then putting the elastic a few inches away from the scalp. Then, pull only on the hairs on the bottom and this will tighten the elastic to the head, but poof up the top hair. If this doesn't work for you, you can always back-comb or just go without any poof. ;)
I added this one just to show Miss Sass's growth... it is getting long again and rather quickly too!
So, this next part is easier than it might look. This style works best on dry hair because you want it to be loose and messy. Add french braids to each half of the remaining loose hair. Don't worry about being perfect and don't worry about getting every little piece in there.
It looks best if there is a bit of hair in the middle to cover the middle of the braids. I added this antique clip that was a gift from my Granny Dee. ;)
For shorter hair or super-soft hair, finish with hairspray. Coarser or longer hair will probably look best with a light mist or none at all. This is a loose and natural look! ;)
We added a pretty dress and enjoyed our day! Lots and lots of compliments on this one! ;)

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