Monday, April 25, 2011

Three Braids and A Bow

We were heading out to take some pics of our new dresses, so we needed a somewhat quick but cute do. ;) This one is actually very easy and pretty quick if you know how to french braid. 

The real trick is to make sure the hair is damp, but not dripping and pull everything out of your way that you aren't using. Part ahead of time and use clips or elastics to hold the rest back...
Right, so I put two braids on her right side. (That deep part on the left side is her natural part, so I usually just go with it.) And then I put two more on the other side. Little Miss still has kind of thin hair, so I did outie braids. These are really easy to get once you have the basic french braid. It takes some practice to do quickly and tightly, but looks great once you have it! 
Here's an example of how I part her hair out before braiding... it really makes a difference to hold that other hair back tightly. I recommend doing a sweeping or angled section for braids at the front like this. It typically looks a little fancier than a part straight down the side. 
Then we did a quick messy bun and threw a cute bow on top and we were ready to go! ;)  

I want to throw a quick word in here about the other dress I featured here. Several people asked for a tutorial... That sounds really fun, but I didn't actually make that one. I work on a team of 3. My mom makes most of the dresses and a good friend makes the bows and flip flops with me. I make mostly the custom sets and I did sew these dresses. As for the t-shirt dress, I can tell you that she made two ruffles, each 12 inches long and then put one on the very bottom of the shirt and the next 4 inches up. She did the applique with wonder-under, which she tells me is available at most craft stores and probably Walmart. Hope that helps for those that sew! ;)
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