Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Elsa Braid Using a Deep Waver

This post is full of pictures. We finished this style with extra time before going out, so we took the opportunity to get some updated photos. :)

Miss Sass, like many other children her age, is absolutely in love with Frozen! And while she says that she looks like Anna, she likes Elsa more. My girl doesn't have super-long hair (though we are working on growing it out) and it is still baby fine. She has thick hair, just very soft and fine. In any case, this means she doesn't have a lot of volume and this style requires a LOT of volume! 

Alright, I'm done with the introduction! 

For this 'do, use a waver to get that extra oomph. I prefer a 1.5" 3-barrel waver. They have a really nice one at most beauty supply stores that I love, but you can also get one at Walmart or Target for about $25. 

So, wave all the hair and add either mousse or hairspray to hold. Next is the braid. Start with a large section of hair about 1/2 inch above ears. You can start the braid in the middle just below the crown. As you add hair, you will take only small amounts from the left side while taking larger amount from the right and increasing this as you move to the left. Finish the braid and add a small elastic. You can then loosen the braid further by pulling gently on small pieces of hair on the edges. Spray to finish. 
And Voila!

This style does work better on hair with longer or fewer layers as shorter layers are more likely to come loose. However, bobby pins can make a huge difference! If you need this style to really hold up for a party/Halloween/etc, try finishing with Got2Be Glued Freezing Spray. 

The waver really gives depth to this style where it would otherwise be rather dull. I love using it for my own hair as well. Just waving the top section can make even a ponytail look so much fuller! 

I hope your family is enjoying this wonderful summer! Next week, we are going to see Maleficent. I'm sensing a new style in the works soon! <3 nbsp="" p="">

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