Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Wedding

I made this headpiece and accent band set while trying out a new style of hair accessories for my shop and Little Miss fell in love! ;) She asked if she could wear them and of course I said yes!
So, this style is actualy very pretty and wonderful for weddings or really any event. You can dress it up or down. It is also pretty easy to achieve... that's my favorite part! ;) 

So, you just start with curls. They can be tight or loose, though I prefer medium to loose curl. Also, you only have to get curl into the hair from about the ears down.
Next, you use any headband and place it on the head and then push it down. You can create a bouf by gently tugging the hair or you can just leave it flat against your head. Pin the headband in place in a couple spots. Then you just grab the curls a little at a time and pin them very loosely above the headband. You can pin them a few times for very long hair or just let the curls hang down. We grabbed a few tiny strands here and there and pulled them out. I think this gives it a softer and more carefree look.  
This do doesn't have to be perfect, in fact I think it is more beautiful when it is just a touch messy. ;) This might look like it would fall out, but it stayed in Miss Sass's hair for several hours until she finally asked for the pins to be taken out... You can also cross the pins for a tighter hold. Oh, and we topped it with a smoothing hairspray. Anyway, so that the 'do, hope that is easy enough to understand. ;) 

Okay, so then there is the new headpiece and band... I had so much fun making this! I really didn't know how it would turn out and even after it was finished I didn't think I'd like it on. I was wrong. Lol, I loved it on my princess! And the band was just an afterthought. I had this little piece of lace left and she asked for a bracelet, but I liked the idea of an anklet. I can imagine this on a little barfoot flower girl at the beach. ;) 

Stay cool... xoxo
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