Saturday, August 28, 2010

Twist Into Bun ~ Ballet Beautiful

This is a style I know I've done several times, but it is a favorite for dance.... on that note, I feel like I should mention that Miss Sass takes dance 3 days a week, hence all the dance styles and leos. ;)

Right, so separate out the back from the crown going down and put it in a ponytail. Part the top however you prefer.
Next you will add french twists. You start by gently grabbing a small piece at the front and dividing it into two pieces. Cross them over each other. Add some hair to the back piece and cross the two pieces again. Keep repeating this to the back of the section. Continue this piece by twisting it back and securing it with the ponytail.
Do the same to the other side.
Make a bun. We did a sock bun today... just a little one since Little Miss is so little. ;) I also left the ends sticking up. I pulled them all around to the top
Last, I tied a ribbon around the bun... easy peasy, fairly quick and pretty do!
And her teacher said she needed to show the older girls how to do it right. Lol, sometimes they come in with hair going everywhere or lumpy-crazy stuff going on. ;)
I'm not sure what this was about... being shy, I guess...
Okay, this is the same style, but she had taken a nap, so I had to redo it. I made the twists a little tighter and added twist braids to the ends and a flower instead of the ribbon.
So, I'm not sure what that first move is with the toes turned in? Or the one on the right with the feet in the air? Pretty sure they were doing the hokey pokey... lol
Here's a better view of the other way to do it.
Anyway, I just love this style! And isn't she so cute? ;)
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