Friday, July 18, 2014

All Down w/ Micro Curls

We had trouble naming this style, but we have done it a few times. Little Miss likes that there are just the few curls on top of the rest of the hair. It looks pretty and is just something fun and simple for days when she wants her hair down.

Start with dry, clean hair. Curling hair in sections is the easiest and gives a smoother look. This style works best with a flat iron. 

After sectioning the hair, use the straightener to smooth the hair from the top all the way to the end, pulling the flat iron gently under at the ends to curl. Don't forget to use a heat protectant on the hair before starting. 

Next, take tiny pieces of hair and use the flat iron to create ringlets. Do this randomly around the head. Little Miss has layered hair and the curls were all at the top, so I also grabbed some longer pieces and only curled the bottom half. 

Since she does have layers and bangs, she already had some pieces framing her face. If your girl has all one length, you could add a few curls around the face. When the style is finished, add a defining cream or hair spray to help hold. 

So, you're done! You can add a clip at the front or headband for something cute. Love that this style really only takes minutes and looks nice enough for going out or church. 

Only one month before my kiddos return to school. When is your start date? Are you getting excited? 
We are so ready to get back to it! But will miss these lazy and fun-filled summer days! :)

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