Thursday, July 10, 2014

Straight Hair and Growing Bangs Out

First, an updated picture of all three of my little ones. 
Side Note: they aren't very little anymore. And this makes me sad and happy at the same time. :/

Anyway, hair! 
This is a simple style, but looks lovely and natural. We used a straightener on her hair, but didn't go stick-straight. Just enough to cut the frizz and little bits of curl that crop up in weird spots in Little Miss's hair. 

So, these photos are kinda blurry and it was windy, but hopefully you get the idea. After smoothing the hair some, I added a french braid to each side, switching to a regular braid about halfway back. This keep some of the hair falling down on the sides, but still keeps the top in order. This looks best if the braid is kept loose. You can add a flower or simple ribbon and keep with the natural look. 

This shot shows her length. She is really excited for the fun styles we'll be able to do with "really, super long hair". We're working on growing bangs out too, so the messy style works perfectly for that.

Okay, one more of all three. Love their faces! 

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