Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 Strand Diagonal Braid

We've faced some interesting challenges since the fall and are finally getting back to  "normal" life. I may document some of the experiences here later on. Basically, we went to a new pediatrician, ended up going through a series of specialists (ENT, Allergist, Immunologist, Asthma), minor surgery, entirely new medicine regimen and action plan, and now-hopefully-a girl who can lead a relatively normal life! Honestly, it is good news! Just stressful at times and ridiculously busy! Thanks to everyone still hanging around and we hope to see much much more of you all! 

So, for this style, I followed a tutorial on my favorite hair blog, Girly Do's. Jenn is amazing as ever and continues to deliver unique, beautiful, and simple/soft styles! Little Miss and I have lost track of time more than once just looking at all of her awesome posts! 

Okay, so there were a few very small differences in what we did. Little Miss really likes side styles, so we started at the front left and went across her head to the bottom right. But I did the braid the exact same way. Then at the end, I continued the braid to the end. I think it would look lovely with a loose curly bun or a bunch of curls with a bow. Either way, I was short on time, so just did the braid. ;)
Love love the details of this braid! It looks intricate, but it rather simple once you get the hang of it! Plus, this one can be done on relatively short hair! 

And finally, here is the beautiful princess. She has changed so much recently and I can't believe how big she is getting! Love to all our readers!  

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