Monday, October 1, 2012

Rock Star Birthday and A Fauxhawk

My niece had her Rock Star Birthday Party last week, so I took the opportunity to do a faux hawk in Miss Sass's hair. (I love faux hawks!) 

These are all cellphone pics, so not the best, but fun! And hopefully you get the gist of the style. 

Pretty simple... Create a bouf at the front and then pull the hair into sections in a straight line going down the back, putting the last section about in the middle. Leave the hair out as you go. Once it is all up, put the loose hair into messy buns. You can curl or backcomb first to give extra volume. 

I wanted something a little extra, so I added two cornrow braids right near the front on the left side. 
Miss Sass has fine hair, so it got a little crazy after jumping in the bouncy house and running around with cousins and friends. But rockstars get a little crazy anyway!

This was a very cute party! They enjoyed karaoke, tattoos, bouncy house, treats, sweets, photo booth, and "air guitars". Lol, adorable! 

The boys had a blast too, even if they refused to show it in photos I took! 

I absolutely loved this one of Drama Boy. He chose his outfit and I must say, he's dashing! :)

I had to throw this one in too. He's such a sweetie! This was my grandfather's guitar. So neat to see my son playing it. 

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