Friday, August 27, 2010

Who's That Girl?!?!

Do you all remember when I had that last giveaway? Yeah, and I asked you guys to share pictures as an extra entry? So, I am finally going to put up some of those pics... and there are some great ones in here! ;)

Okay, is the pink hair not just flippin adorable?! ;) I thought Courtney's description was great in the email she sent, so here it is:
The last is a style my daughter is OBSESSED with. Not necessarily the style, but the pink extensions. As a reward for good behavior she got to pick a prize and she wanted pink hair (okay....) in lieu of dying her hair bright pink we went to a couple stores and I found these at Hot Topic. THey are great because they snap clip right in and out. She adds them to almost every hairstyle now!! haha!!!
This super-cute style is also from Courtney:
The next is one of my daughter's favorites... the bun-hawk. She LOVES to wear this to dance class.... yeah she stands out amongst all those black leos and pink tights and little ballet buns haha!
Thanks Courtney and your little sweetie for the awesome style!
This photo is from Amber. Here is what she had to say:
"My oldest Miss M is turning 2 in Sept. and my youngest Miss A is turning 1 in Sept. I know the pics are a lil hard to see but its a lil hard to take pics of toddlers when their always in action!"
I think you did great and they are adorable! And I love the ribbons. ;)
This style comes from Shandie. Her girlie wore this to get pictures with Santa, how fun! ;)
This is another angle and I have to say that I just love this style! I did this one (well, something similar) on myself a few days ago, love it!
Here's another one from Shandie... I just love criss-cross stuff and these braids are particularly lovely. ;)
Thanks so much Shandie!
And this last one is from Karli. Isn't she just so so cute?! I love love the style and her gorgeous curls! Thank you so much; I love it! ---And her blog... if you haven't checked her out yet, go here!

Okay, there were a lot more and I want to share them all, so I will! ;) Just not right now... I'll make another post like this pretty soon. I think it'll be 3 altogether. And please feel free to send in new photos whenever. I love to feature other beauties. It gives us all new ideas and it's just fun! ;)
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