Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Scattered Braids and Ladder Braid Fold Over

I love the way this style turned out! Miss Sass said that it felt a little funny on her neck, but when she saw the pictures she said I should do it again soon. It might even be our First Day of School style. :) 

Each step is relatively easy, aside from the ladder braid which causes challenge for some. 
So, first thing, part the hair and pull just the very front section into elastics right at or behind the ears. ~Because we are still growing out bangs, I had to do a couple of pull-throughs here.~ 

Next step is the scattered braids. Part the hair into sections and braid. The braids do not need to be the same size. 

After all the braids are done, pull them together into a pony with the rest of the hair. The next step is a ladder braid. This might seem a little complicated, but it isn't too hard. 
So, start a regular braid with about a third of the hair right in the middle on top. After a few plaits, start adding small pieces of hair to the braid, making it a french braid. You will be grabbing these small pieces from the back underside of the rest of the hair from the ponytail. This is the same spot you would grab pieces to add to a fishtail braid.

Below is what the back of the braid will start to look like. Keep adding hair and braiding, while keep the braid held out gently but taut. If you keep the braid held fairly straight out or down as you go, the sides will hang nicely once finished. 

Below is the finished braid. Some call it a ladder braid, some a ribcage braid, and I've heard others. You could certainly stop here and it looks lovely, in my opinion.

We were going to play outside, so we wanted something a little more up out of the way. I simply pulled the end of the braid up and tucked it into the elastic with the ponytail. 

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