Saturday, August 9, 2014

Braided Piggies for Hats and Bobbi-Toads

Hats are awesome and can be so so cute! But they aren't allowed in school. This style transitions perfectly. It works for cold weather hats and fun sun-blocking caps...

 Here is just a shot of the zigzag we did at the very front. A doesn't really like middle parts, because she never thinks they are in the right spot. So I just avoid them. lol
 The rest is a middle part, but she can't see it, so we're good. :)
Okay, so the pigtails are low and very far to the side. I like see the hair by or in front of her shoulders. 
 I think you can see it in these side pics, but we did a french braid almost all the way down. The last three or so pleats are different. Rather than adding to both sides for each piece, I only added hair to the side away from her face. Continue to braid all the pieces, just don't add hair to the front side. This helps define the braid at the bottom and also keeps those funky loops and bumps from happening. 
 Finally, add some curl and bam! 
 Also, I took these when the sun was high and it was so so bright! That's the reason for all the serious, contemplative shots in this post. 
 So, here it is with the hat... I love it! This outfit is brighter than our typical choices and A and I love how fun it is!

 I almost forgot the Bobbi-toads! A got this pair of shoes from a friend and has not taken them off! I'm not joking. I've had to take them off of her after she falls asleep! 
Not our normal choice either, but adorable and fun and obviously a new favorite! 
(Also, there are little toes on the top that you can paint?! How cute is that?!)
 Hope everyone has a great start to the school year over the next couple of weeks!
And thanks for stopping by!

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