Friday, December 3, 2010

WHERE ARE YOU?! - Hearts Pigtails

When I checked my blog comments, this was one of them. Lol, I've missed you all too!!! ;) It seems like this year has been one thing after another for our family... it's just too much happening! We've had injuries, illnesses, thankfully very few deaths (though I feel like one is too many!), and just other life stuff. So, I'm sorry for the crazy schedule I've been keeping on my blog. Life got crazy on us again this month and I just didn't have the time or energy to get things posted. I do have some hairstyles ready though, because I still fixed Little Miss's hair, even though I didn't post about it. ;) 

I think I had some idea of a name for this one when I did it. Like double-hearted piggies... or some such. Lol, no matter I guess. ;)

This one is really simple and quick to do, but it turns out super cute! Start with a middle part from top to bottom. 
Put the hair in the top into a small pony. Take the hair from that section and split it in two. Next twist those pieces toward the front. Make sure you twist them forward or the hearts won't stay up right. ;) 
Next you will section out another pony on that same side and add the ends from the first heart into that section. You can arrange the heart first and then secure the ends.  
In this next section, I did twist braids to make the heart. For a twist braid you take two pieces and twist them the same way and then cross them over each other in the opposite direction. So, in order to get your heart to stand up, you will want to twist the two pieces for the twist braid down and then cross them over each other going up/forward. Make sense? I hope so! ;) 
Then you just do the same thing to the other side. We added little bows to these later in the day.
I don't know what this next look was all about... she was being sassy again!

I couldn't get a smile out of Miss Sass that day, but she looked adorable anyway! ;) 

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