Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween Part 2

Finally, here is part 2 of my Halloween posts...
The kids were adorable and fun and silly and totally crazy on the inevitable sugar high that accompanies Halloween! ;) Little Miss was a little less sassy than normal in a sweet Cinderella costume...

She also wore the costume for a party at her dance class. That other Cinderella there is her cousin. (The costume fits her quiet and gentle personality much better!lol)
This is the back of her hair when we went big with it. If you guys would like, I'll do a tutorial on this one. I wasn't sure it was something that would be used very often and didn't take pics of the steps. ;)
Little Miss actually had two costumes, but chose Cinderella every day that week except Monday. This was her first dance class of the week... the kitty cat costume was so so cute!!! ;) I didn't even get a pic with the little mask on, so we'll be dressing up again really soon!
He hair looked absolutely fabulous.... until she fell asleep! I guess this one should be a Sunday morning style, not an all day one. ;)
And here is her favorite person ever, Ms. Misty!
Okay, I had to throw in a few shots of my boys. They both had hat/masks, so I didn't fix their hair. But they were still cute and we had so much fun together! They are so silly!!! ;) This first one is Mr. Cool... just after he got the "begoodles" scared out of him by the guy behind the sheet. That guy was really hard to see in person!
This was the boys favorite stop... soda! Lol, they thought it was the coolest Halloween treat. Mr. Cool is obviously Batman and Drama Boy was a ninja.
Oh, and Drama Boy said to just forget about his orange shoes. "I'm a ninja and ninjas can wear whatever they want... because nobody tells a ninja what to do!" So there! ;)
Well, I hope you all had a fun, safe, and happy weekend! ... and week!

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