Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gymnast Piggie Braids

"I was wondering if you could do some hairstyles for gymnastics? My 6 year old just started and I would like to keep her hair out of her face, so I would like a hairstyle that would last through gymnastics. She has long hair (just past her shoulders, even with her shoulder blades) that is not really thin, but not really thick either, its just kind of in the middle lol. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you in advance." ~Kristine

I received this question in an email a while and wanted to feature it on my blog. Kristine was nice enough to allow me to post it here. ;) Miss Sass has a weekly gymnastics class, so we use hairstyles frequently that work well for it! This is one of my favorites because it stays in so well and looks adorable.

What we have here are just two french braids in piggies. I put them down the back and start them about halfway down. If your little one has shorter hair, you could start at the top. French braids hold really well if you can get them in snuggly. I recommend practice. ;) Lol, that really is the number one trick to getting good braids! 
Now, because I don't like middle parts on Little Miss, I put her hair into a side part and pull the top into it's own little section. Then I part the hair for the braids straight down from that section. I did a pull-through in the top this time, but I have also done two ponys in a line or a braid going from one side to the other. ;) 

I tossed those other pics in just because they were cute. ;) But below are some shots I took in her gymnastics class... Okay, now before anyone gets judgy... I know our equipment is a little worn and older, but it still works! Lol, and the kids are advancing well!  

The above pic and next one are Miss Sass working with Miss Lindsay on her kick over... she's soooo close! ;) 

 I hope this style works for the other gymnastics moms out there... I have more on the way!  
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