Thursday, September 16, 2010

Simple & Pretty Flower w/ Curls

This is another style that I previewed last week. I loved how pretty it was! ;)

Alright, this one starts exactly the same as yesterday's updo... Three small ponies just behind her bangs, but this time I left the bangs down.
Next, I divided the middle piece and two and added those to the side pieces about 1.5 inches down.
Then I pulled those to pieces together along with a larger section of hair behind the three ponies. I made this a high, fountain-type pony so the hair would stick up a little.
It actually looked really pretty right here, but we wanted some curls. ;)
Okay, short break here for a "Take my picture, Mommy!" mini-session. ;)......
....... Right, back to the style. ;) We added some soft curls with a low-heat medium-sized curling iron. Then topped it off with a flower and a little coordinating clip to hold her bangs out of her face.
This picture shows her natural "curl" or wave or whatever it is... Although I tried to get the hair to curl one way, it refused and ended up like this. meh, still pretty. ;)
I definitely think this one is pretty enough for church or even a wedding. It was lovely all day! We used a new hair gel that I will give a review on really soon!

Just remember when curling your little one's hair that she might move at any moment! And yes, I am saying this from experience. Little Miss had a burn right on top of her ear because she jumped. :( She forgot about it way sooner than I did and her hair looked fab! Lol, kids are so tough, aren't they? ;)
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