Friday, September 17, 2010

Q & A: Toddler French Braids

I have been wanting to add more to my Tips'n'Tricks section for some time... no time like the present. ;) Well, I had a good question to start with, so here we go...

amber.hope said...

I have a question for ya not really pertaining to this particular do though. My daughters have long enough hair to do the lil french braids that you do but there hair is still so thin and I was wondering how you get your daughters braids to look so perfect with thin toddler hair. Thanks for your help!!

Okay, so making french braids look good in thin or fine hair. I think there are several tips that can really help.

1. Use slightly damp, but not wet, hair. ---This keeps the little hairs in line but I think the hair being a little dry makes it easier to keep a hold of. I prefer using a spray bottle on dry, clean hair. You can also add a little gel or hair spray if you like. I rarely use hairspray on Little Miss because it just dries out her hair.

2. Hold the hair tight the entire time. ---This keeps the braid tight, which gives more definition. Be careful not to hold the hair too tight... I suppose taut would be a better description.
3. Add very small amounts of hair at a time for thinner hair. ---The smaller the sections, the smaller the gaps will be between each little piece that is added and the more secure the braid will be. Ideally, you want to have each new piece you grab to be the same width as each of the three pieces of your braid. This gives a smoother and cleaner look.

4. Comb the pieces out every now and then. This keeps things smooth and makes it easier to add new hair. It will make any braid look better, thin or thick or in-between.

5. Make cornrows instead of french braids. These are also referred to as inside-out, dutch, and outie braids. ;) ---I have been using these alot lately because they look better in thinner hair than traditional french braids. I usually still call them french braids, because they are basically the same, but you put the hair under instead of over. Yeah, it's hard to describe; much easier to show... Sorry I don't have a video to share on how to do these, but if any of you other hair bloggers out there do, I would love to add it to this post and, of course, let people know who you are! Thanks. ;)

You can see more of my french braid styles here. ;)

Hope these tips are helpful for you! And I'd love to answer any other questions anyone has.
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