Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fancy Updo

My friend, Sarah, is going to start pageants with her little girl. Her princess is 2 and has rather thin hair. However, they don't want to use hair pieces or wigs, etc. Sarah asked me to come up with something that would look good on stage...

If you wanted to do simple ponytails that would work also. I added twists and braids because Little Miss has some shorter pieces that would have fallen out. Right, so start out by parting the hair very far to one side. Then pull the hair flat against the head and down to the side. Add a braid or pony to secure the hair.
Do the same with the little piece on the other side.
Next, I added three small sections behind the bangs area. I made twist braids with each and left the sections a little loose for added poof.
Next, I pulled the main section of hair out of the way and put three small ponies in the bottom of the hair. I added twist braids into these sections also.
Next, divide the main section into three ponies and secure them near the middle and high on her head.
Add the twist braids to these sections as you see fit. I had originally wanted to pull them all to one side, but they wouldn't reach... this looked cute too. ;)
Remember this terrible, crooked picture from the other day? lol, this is of the back... I just pulled the twist braids from the bottom to one side and secured with an elastic.
The next step is pretty simple. Curl. If you want defined curls, you should curl then spray. However, we were going for volume/body/poof so I sprayed the hair with hairspray and then curled. As long as you use a lower heat, you won't damage the hair.
Okay, then there's this super-simple, but essential step to getting extra lift out of those curls. Pull half of them up and spray, hold for 20 seconds and let it fall. If the hair is thin enough, it will stay up just fine. For Miss Sass's hair, I actually did this in a few layers. You could also back-comb if you want more lift, but I don't think you would need to.
We added a pretty dress, some "heels", and a sweet bow... it was too cute! ;) Btw, we toned the poof down a bit for church by pinning some of the curls around the bun-thing.
I hope these pictures help show how truly pretty this was in person!

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