Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lattice Pigtails

This was a fun hairstyle that Miss Sass has been asking for. 

To start, part the hair into piggies and pull one side out of the way. We started our part off to one side and then gently angled it to the middle and finished it straight down and also parted her bangs out in the front.
Starting at the front, take one section from the middle part all the way to the side by her ear and secure with an elastic. Just behind that you will be making two sections. As you secure each of these, add half of the hair from the front section.
The rest is a criss-cross pattern. Continue to make two sections each time you move back. As you secure each section, add the hair from the caddy-corner section. Make sense? ;) If you do the same one first in each row (ie always start with the top section) you will get a nice uniform lacing look to your style.
It looked adorable!
Lol, okay so this was one of those times when Little Miss did her own thing and just told me to take pictures. The cookies were her special prize at dance.
The Hannah Montana tank top and "high heels" were things she bought with her birthday money. For those of you who care. ;)~ She also picked out a Barbie movie (Swan Lake), a set of 3 round mirrors for her bedroom in bright pink, a pair of jeans, and some black dance tights. Great choices, in my opinion! But I was really surprised that she didn't once ask to go look at toys! ;)
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