Saturday, September 4, 2010

Too-Crazy Heart! -- FAIL?

Alright, I put "fail" on this one because I think it was just a little to much for my taste. I don't know; I just can't decide if I like it or not. Lol... what do you all think?
This one is easiest (and so are all other heart shapes) if you make a middle part first. Then, part out the heart shape on each side.
Put the heart into a ponytail and create french braids, french twists, whatever into the outside; starting at the top and going all the way to the bottom. Continue the braids to the ends of the hair and secure.
Next seperate the heart into several ponies. I decided on the 3 in the middle and top. I left the bottom little triangle out for now.
Create 2 twist braids in the middle section and add them to the top piggies. Next, make twist braids in the bottom triangle, cross them over each other and add to the piggies also.
Next, cross the bottom braids over each other and use bobby pins to secure. I wanted to pull these up with the top piggies also, but Little Miss doesn't have long enough hair right now. She also has kinda thin hair, so I ended up making messy buns with the piggies. It was cute, but I think it would have been cuter if I'd curled and puffed the piggies instead. ;)
Anyway, she was a super-happy girl so I guess it works, right? ;)
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