Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simple Braids To Pigtails

This was a make-up-as-you-go 'do. ;) I didn't have a real plan, but it was cute and super quick!

First, I parted out her bangs, per her request. ;) Then I noticed the sweet little spirals her bangs make and once again started missing her pretty curls that used to be all over her head...
Next, I parted out the very bottom section and put a straight braid in it, securing the end with a small elastic.
I parted out another section just above that and did the same thing. I didn't worry about those little ends sticking out since I'd decided at this point to do the piggies.
In the front, I parted out a section just behind her bangs starting from a far left part going all the way down to her right ear and made a braid like the others.
And one last braid on the left side.
Make piggies with the remaining hair.
Add the braids to the pigtails and make messy buns.
Okay, not a great picture of the front, but it was both pretty and cute! ;)
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