Monday, July 25, 2011

Twist Braid Pigtails

Just a simple and fun do today! Miss Sass wanted pigtails, a common request these days. ;)

So to make things a little more exiting, I started with a zigzag part. Then pulled back both sides.
We are still growing our bangs out, so I did a little pull-through in the front...
Next section the tails into as many pieces as you'd like and make twist braids. Regular braids would work fine. I recommend at least three. Add some bows on top and she's good to go!
I want to point out that these were taken at the very end of the day... hence the harsh flash! lol. But I say this so you'll notice how well the style held up through a full day of playing. This is a perfect style for school!!!

And one more pic, just for the fun of it! Love my crazy girl! ;)
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