Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Super Twisty Bun

Really wishing again that I had some way to do videos. ;) My oldest is getting better, but it's so shaky it might make someone sick. Lol. Anyway, this do turned out rather pretty and I think I'll do it again soon!

I started by parting her hair into sections and putting them in clips. I did french twist braids for the top half and then clipped them aside. 
Next, I took the small section at the very bottom and split it in two, made twists with each piece, crossed them over each other, and then secured them halfway up with the twists from the twist braids from the top.  
Then I made several twist braids with the hair in the middle ponytail.  

The last step was to pull all the pieces together in the middle into a messy bun.  

We added a bow before we went to dance class!
She was a little sleepy that day... so please ignore those tired eyes. ;)
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