Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guess What?!

We got Little Miss Sass's ears pierced! Yay!!! She's been asking for over a year and Daddy finally said yes! ;) For the big day, Miss Sass chose a completely Over-The-Top Outfit... head to toe! Lol.

And here are the on-lookers, big brothers and her bestie... 

She was so brave and then rather mad at the poor girl who did her piercing. 
1st one done to which she said, "Hey!" 

And then the second to which she yelled, "OW!!!" :( 
But we went to the park after and look at that smile she has!  
Here's a kind of close up of the flip flops she was wearing... and a pair I made for my niece.  
And then a close up of the bow and hair she wore that day. The hair was simple, just a french twist braid going around the back. I pulled everything to one side and did a bun. It looked cute for most of the day, but got a little messed up at the park. ;) 

Have a great day!!!
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