Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Day, Another 'Do

Today's style is a continuation of yesterday's braids. I left them in and added to it. ;)
The back might look complicated, but it is pretty simple....

 Make a row of three sections across the bottom. For the next row up, start with the outside sections. Seperate the piece coming from the middle of the first row in half and add the pieces to the outside sections of the row you are on. Then, pull the two outside pieces from the first row together with the middle section in thie row you're on. WAY easier than I made it sound! ;)
For the final row, I pulled the ends from yesterday's braids in with the outside sections. Now there are three sections. Twist these and pull them all together along with a square right in the middle of what would be the next row.
Next, I sectioned out the left side straight across and added a french braid.
The remaining section curves around the ponytail. I started on the left and made a french braid that followed around the pony and used the remaining loose hair. Add all the ends to the ponytail and make a messy bun.
Feel free to add clips as you see fit! ;) And yes, Miss Sass put these in by herself... she was so proud!

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