Thursday, July 8, 2010

Twist Me Up

I love love LOVE how this flower clip came out! ;) Naturally though, I only got one shot of her wearing it, and not really a great one either! Geez. ;) Anyway, this was a fun style and one I have done again since because I just like the feel...

I started by twisting her bangs to the side, while keeping the front a little poofy. The easiest way I can describe this is that you want to roll the hair down rather than pulling it to the side and twisting. Make sense?
Well, I did this twice and pinned them down for a moment. Then I used these two twists to start a french twist in the top of this side of her hair.
After finishing the french twist, I did a simple twist with the rest of the hair. I have done this a lot, but I'll give a quick over view of the idea. You just take a piece near the front and then grab the next piece and wrap it around. Grab another piece, working your way back and twist the pieces around each other. You should have just two pieces at any given time and continue to add and wrap them around each other. This is not the same as the french twist which is much harder. ;)
I did this same twist/roll on the other side with all the hair.
Then I put it all in a side pony. I made a messy bun out of this and added the flower clip!
It really looked pretty and she got a lot of compliments! Just wish I could give you a better picture of the finished look. ;)
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