Friday, July 9, 2010

Just for fun! ;)

Okay, so there is no new hair style here, just a fun little accessory. ;) We found this ponytail holder with fake twists on it at Walmart. It is an unbelievably close match! Lol, no way we could order anything that way!

Sis said that if she wore this someday people might think her hair grew this way... butterflies, glittler and all! I just giggled! ;)
Okay, there is a trick to these! You want to start with a regular ponytail, bun, whatever, using your normal elastics. Then I recommend putting the"hair" pony around just once if possible. We had to do it twice on Sis's thin hair. Secure it with a couple of bobby pins and you're done!
So fun! ;)

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