Friday, July 16, 2010

ROCKAHOLIC ... New Detangler, New 'Do - Product Review

We created a fun new 'do today inspired by our new "BORN TO ROCK" detangler by TIGI. It was really fun and too cute! Miss Sass was full of attitude, so I have a lot of pics. And then there's the product review, so this post is just a bit longer than usual. ;)

This style works best with clean, damp hair. I used water and a little of Sis's new detangler/defrizzer to re-wet her hair. I made a very deep part on the top, on the opposite side as her natural part -there's a good reason for this. ;) Then continue the part down the middle all the way down.
Next, separate the top section of the smaller side, leaving out a piece in the front. Make a pull-through knot.
Braid the front piece, then pull it and the remaining hair from the top section together in a low pigtail. --For toddlers or shorter bangs do the front piece first. Put it into a pony or pull-through, then add it to the top section.--

For the other side, leave the bangs and front piece out but do the same for the top and bottom sections.
Okay, this top part may look funny and this is one of those moments I Really wish I had video capabilities. ;) You want to take the bangs and a small part of that side-front piece, brush it all straight forward to the hairline and then straight up. I suggest holding it in place here and adding hairspray for umph. Add an elastic several inches up.
This is the really important part to getting that 'bouf' rather than a flat twist. You want to twist the elastic straight down. For Sis's short hair, it was just two little turns. Then comb that side piece straight up, lay it in line with the 'bouf', and secure it with an elastic to the first piece.
I was totally out of bobby pins. (Yes, for shame!) So, I just used a cute clippie to hold this part in place. I left the end hanging. For longer hair, you could add a braid to this end piece and add it to the pigtail.

I straightened the ends, and voila! Now for the tons of pics from today. ;)
Her "Barbie Girl" bows were a proposal set I had made for a dance studio. They went with something else, but Miss Sass was perfectly happy to keep them! ;)
Here's the one smile I got for the whole day. Go figure she was standing by our old Jeep. ;)

I thought we were finished with pictures after we got inside, but Little Miss Sass ran into my office with these fingerless gloves. So adorable! ;) And then we got to talking about her new Tink shirt she was wearing. She had a different pose for each word... this one was "Fun"
and here's "Spunky"
I believe this last one is "Tough" or maybe "Feisty" ;)
 Now for the new product! I have to say how impressed I am with the new spray! So far, I love it! And at $15.00/bottle, that's a good thing! ;) But really, these last pics were a few hours after I had fixed her hair. It was still all in place and calmer than it usually is after just 20 minutes! I have used other defrizzers and found them greasy, but this one seems to just add some extra moisture.;) It detangled faster and easier than others we've used without being grimy. And the very best part of the whole thing is the smell! Miss Sass and I both love it, something pretty rare! ;) Overall, I give TIGI's "BORN TO ROCK" Leave-In Detangler & Defrizzer 4.5 out of 5 Stars!

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