Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gymnastics Hair

Little Miss is wearing her Gymnastics shirt today and wanted hair to match. ;) This 'do works well to keep the hair out of her face.

I started with a puff-braid headband by parting the hair down the middle at the front and going all the way around her head. I pulled the back-middle together with the ends of the 'headband'.
Next is the section on top right behind the 'headband. I just parted out 3 little sections.
I pulled all of the hair together into a ponytail... There really isn't anything fancy here, but it looked cute and Little Miss was happy with it! ;)
We do a lot of "all-up" hair dos during the summer and this was a nice change from our typical ponytail. We'll probably do the same thing for dance sometime, but I might part the front differently...

She had to try a cartwheel, of course! ;)

I'll have another gymnastics do tomorrow, from that show everyone is always talking about. ;)
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