Sunday, July 4, 2010

Be My Little Baby Bumblebee...

Okay, so I have just been scheduling my blog posts to start one day at a time, but I realized with this one that I am almost two week late! ;) Oh well, still the same stuff right?
Anyway, it is recital time again and my kids were all pretty excited! Mr. Cool was in a Michael Jackson dance, "Beat It". They did an awesome job and got to participate in a competition earlier this spring where they received the Top award in the division!!! Yay! ;) Then there is Drama Boy who was in "I Want It All" from HSM, very fitting. Lol! He did great, but then missed his que to go back onstage for the end of his dance... he was still adorable! ;) Okay, so little miss was a Bumblebee with her "twin" cousin. They were all so stinkin cute!

This was just before they went on stage for the competition. They all danced really well and received the top award for their division, as well as 7th place overall, WOW! ;) They had a blast and Sis kept asking if she could do another competition -though I think the trophy had something to do with this!
Oh, and yes I made the hairbow antenae for the girls... and then just before the recital I lost Sissy's dance bag!!! How embarassed was I to be the "bow mom" for the studio and not have my own daughter's hairbows. GEEZ! But, being the "bow mom", I just happened to have this bow that is the right colors. Lol.
Okay, the first performance they did, I just made two little french braids to help the bows stay in place. For the recital, I did something a little different, which worked out well, since I had to pull them together... I'll do a tutorial on the style soon; it was really cute in person! ;)
So, this is the girls on stage at the recital... Sis would be the one with her stinger in the air! She did this last year too! Go figure! ;)
Oh, here's one where she's actually dancing! Of course she never misses a chance to shake her hips!

As an aside, I am super excited to mention that this is my 100th post! Yay! Lol, I probably should have hit that mark ages ago, but there you have it! ;) So in celebration I am going to randomly give away a pair of hairbows to one lucky person who comments on this post! You will get to choose from my rediculously huge inventory! ;) Thanks everyone for following!!!
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