Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fireworks Hair

Extra post today... I realized I better get this out right away if you all were going to see it before the 4th. ;)
Sis asked me for fireworks hair and this is what I came up with...

I originally wanted a flag look, but Alex fell asleep and then asked for the fireworks. Anyway, I started, as always, by parting the hair into sections and pulling back the ones I wasn't using.
I did one french twist braid and switched to traditional french braids, not sure why. ;)
On the other side of the hair in front, I made puff braids with lots of sections. Pretty simple really. I didn't have white elastics, but considered using some white ribbon to do stripes.
 I haven't had this problem before, but a few of the elastics broke. You can see the places they should be... Anyway, there is a third row here. I thought it would look neat to make rows all the way across the back and then pull it all together into a low side ponytail/bun. We ended up tossing everything up into a messy bun and then I stuck a few pipe cleaners randomly into it. They stayed on their own just fine!

In the end, it looked really adorable and fun. And we got quite a few compliments at the Wet'n'Wild days at our Zoo. ;)

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