Saturday, June 26, 2010

I want FABULOUS! Give me Fabulous!

Sis loves HSM and that song is her favorite. That's how she decided to describe this set when she first tried it on! ;) It is definitely over-the-top... and I just LOVE it! ;)
This is an all new outfit from the Fairie*Kisses Couture Line. (For those who don't know, that's me.;) I have made tutus and bows for quite a while and I've done some simple skirts and tops. But this project was a major feat! ;) I love all the steampunk stuff that I've seen on Etsy and other places, so I just had to try my hand at it! This was a blast to make and Sis just fell in love with it! ;)

Ruffles always make things better! Sis insists on them every time I start a new project!
Lace is great too, so girly! And then, of course I had to make a mtaching hairbow.
We had to do a special hair-do for the pictures too... I parted out the sections I wanted and held each aside with a ponytail. I put a french braid in each section then pulled all the ends and the rest of the hair together in a low side-tail. I made a messy bun then topped it off with her new bow. Voila! ;)
I like how the whole thing turned out! It looked adorable on Sis and she felt simply "Faboolus"! ;)
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