Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Ponytail, Big Bow

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and emails after my last post. Sis has been doing much better and we have lots of hair styles, bows, and clothing sets to share! ;)

This is one of my favorite styles! Lol, really it's just a mini ponytail right on top of her head. Then I add a big bow to hide the fact that I did nothing! ;) But really, Sis frequently asks me to fix her hair like this because it is so quick and it really does look cute...
She looked a little sad in that picture ... Daddy told her to take a break. ;) 
We did a lot this day... fishing with Papa, a birthday party... Her hair lasted the whole time, even through an outfit change. ;)
Okay, this last picture doesn't really show off her 'do or bow, but she's just so stinkin' cute. ;)
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