Friday, August 21, 2009

Pull-through braids to Piggies

I was so excited about Sis's look today, so I decided to go ahead and post this one tonight;) Besides, I got behind after last week, so I have lots more posts! I guess you all can just read the ones that look interesting and ignore the rest;)
I've been making clips like a mad woman lately. I just bought 120 clips last week and am down to 25 now! Anyway, here are some of the new ones.
I took these first thing in the morning, so we had perfect lighting. Sis looked so pretty;)
Oh, and she does have a little bit of sparkly powder on her face;)
Anyway, this first pic looked so cute and then I got it on the computer, full screen. I'm embarassed to say that her fingernails are so dirty! Lol, I guess princesses do get dirty sometimes too...
The next two show the hairdo a little better. I just did pull-throughs starting at the bottom and adding the remaining hair to the next one. This is a great style for short hair.
And it gives the same adorable piggies I used to get with her long hair;)

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