Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pirate Princess Custom Set... completely off the topic of hair;)

This set is something I am wanting to list on Etsy or eBay... not sure which yet. I would love to have advice/feedback from anyone willing on the subject! ;)

This set is two pieces. There is a fully lined satin corset style bodice and a double layer full ruffle skirt.
I used a ton of material and made the set adjustable. The waist is elastic, but also has a ribbon tie. It will fit from 2t through a slim 5t comfortably.
I originally made these bows for a dance studio to match their theme colors. However, they are perfect for this set;) I will be listing the bows also. They are a combination or satin and metallic ribbon and are about 5.5 inches.
This hairstyle is from my last post. I used the clips on the bottom to hold up the extra hair. I will be listing them soon on Etsy also.

This set was so fun to make and it is to die for cute on! I couldn't be happier with how it turned out;) Again, any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated! I am looking for ideas on price, interest level, anything really. So, thank you in advance!

And then of course, the greatest reward is the cute pics of my princess;)

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