Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's About Time!!!.... I'm having a giveaway:)

I've been doing this hair blog thing long enough... I think it's time I finally had a giveaway!
Also, I want to say a big, huge THANK YOU to all of my followers and those who comment or email! I love hearing that others like the styles we have done. I have also made some amazing new friends and found some awesome blogs!
And now for the giveaway...
These are bows made by me. I have been selling bows on ebay for about 2 years and to a local dance studio for 1 year, with happy customers, so I hope you will like them too! (And I'd love feedback on this; are these the kinds of bows you'd like to win?)
The WINNER will receive her/his choice from the three pictures!
(If you have a little bitty girl, I can make some tiny bows for you instead:) I am so excited about this! Okay, so check out your options and then I'll give you directions on entering!

Stars'n'Stripes 4th of July bows (4 1/2")
These are just the right size for older girl pigtails. For little girls, you could use one and share the second or just get your baby girl "over-dolled":)
American Flags (3")
These are so cute! Great for toddler pigtails or using on the sides of a bun , and just perfect for scene hair:) We use these simple bows to decorate purses and overalls too!
Zebra Princess (5")
This is one of my favorite bows! This has real swarovski crystals and a custom velvet embroidered button! This is a larger bow, but can still be adorable on little ones! Here is a pic of the bow in Sis's hair (hope you don't mind her modeling:) All of the bows are on 1 3/4" half-lined alligator clips.
So, do I sound like I'm selling them to you? Lol, it's just habit... I want you to know what you are winning:)
1. Just comment:)
2. Follow or let me know you already do.
3. Post about my giveaway.
4. (you get two for posting about it, just comment twice to let me know:)
5. Check out my other blog... and let me know what you think. This one is just for fun, please don't feel obligated!
6. I'll give you an extra entry for sharing a short story of your own on either blog or emailing me a hair related picture to merynne(at)gmail(dot)com (the pics will be featured in an upcoming post, and maybe a few stories as well:)
Okay, so that's 6 possible entries... make sure you comment for each one and leave contact info! I will use to find the winners. That's right, I said WINNERS:) The 2nd winner will get 2nd pick of the bows! The giveaway will be open until next Wednesday and I'll announce the winners Thursday. Good Luck to you all!
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