Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy-Messy-Twisty Piggies:)

Oh my, I love the way this turned out! This took us about 15, mainly so I could figure out what I was doing:) And Sis just LOVED it!

So we started with pigtails, leaving out hair at the bottom in back and in front.

Next, we split the bottom into three section. I did twist braids for the outside sections, crossed them and added them to the piggies.
For some reason, I managed to not get a single picture of the back after it was finished (I hate it when I do that!) For the middle piece, I did a twist braid part of the way up and then added one piece from the braid to each pigtail, so they crossed over the twist braids a little below the first x. I hope that makes sense!
Okay, for the front, I took a small piece of hair from the piggies and added it to the section in front then did a pull-through. The trick with this is to get the pull-through in the middle of that piece you added from the pigtail. This makes it "fountain" up.
To finish, I made a few random twist braids in each pigtail and then ratted up the rest of the hair. A quick mist of hairspray and she was rockin'.

Oh, and did I mention she likes this one:) Look at that smirk!

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