Friday, May 15, 2009

Is that a Girly Do's? ... Twist Braid and a Flower

A simple twist braid like this is kind of a fall back for us if I am in a hurry, but this simple and pretty braid is almost a trademark for Jenn over a Girly Do's:) She's crazy-creative, so go check her out on my sidebar!

So to do this one, I let Alex's hair fall in its natural part. In her case, it is very far to the side. If your princess has a part closer to the middle, you could do a braid on each side.
To get the relaxed look for this one, I don't twist the pieces. So, just take two pieces toward the front and cross them over each other. Before crossing them again, grab a little piece of hair from the section you want braided and add it to the bottom piece. Keep going and you'll end up with a nice relaxed twist braid!
When you have braided as much as you want, twist the two pieces the same direction and then cross them over the opposite way.
To finish, I used the new flower clip I made to secure the end of the braid up at the crown of her head. So pretty!

And perfect for playtime:)
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