Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knots and twists for a pretty updo!

This style was actually very easy to do and looked really pretty! The great thing about it is that it is clean, but still has details:)

So this is the 'do after a party the night before, sleeping, church, lunch, and a little rough-housing with brother:) I just needed a bobbypin for her bangs, but the rest stayed just fine!
Part out however much you want in front and a section straight across the bottom.
I did 4 pull-throughs in the bottom row and 3 pull-throughs in the top. Next, I took a piece of hair from the ponytail and wrapped it around.

This is another option. Let everything stay down and just add some curls. (sorry, not a great pic) On those with more hair, this can look super cute!

Twist all the sections up and add them to the top pony. Don't forget the bangs:) To keep them low, I combed them down and used a bit of hairspray, then twisted. Don't pull the twists up until they are done.
I just took all the hair and rolled it up on a mascara tube. You could use a pencil or anything smooth and somewhat round, or your finger with longer hair:) Secure with bobby pins.

You can fidget with this a little, mine looks crooked, hmm...

Finish with hairspray and... Admire!
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