Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rockstar Invites and Scene Hair ;)

So here is the finished invite, minus personal details;) I was pretty happy with! Now, off to Walgreens to use their photo printer. At 8 cents a copy, these will be really inexpensive invitations! Below are some of the pictures I didn't use for the invite...

This is one of the shots that I posed... she was such a ham yesterday, I could have snapped shots all day;)
Lol! This one was all her; I guess she hangs out with her 12yr old cousin too much;)
This shot really shows off the bump we did. I actually took the guitar picks first and then just took the zebra clip from the front and pulled the top of her hair back in the middle. Super fast change and it looked WAY cute!
This was in the middle of our little shoot... she was a little bored I think;)

She was hot(at 102 outside, who wouldn't be?), so she asked to take her jacket off... these are literally just in the moment shots. Hahaha, she's a natural I guess.

And there's that smirk;)
Jonas Brother's hat(she borrowed this from earlier mentioned cousin;) which was at the recent concert in KC and even got foamed!
And the sweet princess smile... she hides all that attitude well, don't ya think?!

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