Friday, June 5, 2009

2 French Twist Braids + a Pony

This is a great style! You can make this very dressy or just fun. I chose this because we were having an all day graduation party/mini family reunion. The kids hopped in the pool around noon and stayed in until dark, except for two short breaks to eat:)

Part the hair however you want.
Not sure you can tell, but I pull back the bangs and some hair behind them leaving a little piece in the middle sticking out in front.
I put an elastic around the bangs+ section. Then I use that little piece I left out to tie a knot around, hiding the elastic. This seems to work best for me, but some use a piece from the pony...
This part is hard to explain, but it really is simple! My camera doesn't do video, sorry:) Split the hair in front into two sections, cross them over each other once. Add the next section of hair(as shown in the picture) to the bottom piece, then cross them again the same direction. I just grab some hair, I want something sort of relaxed, but you could use a comb for the sections. You continue adding the next section of hair to the bottom piece and cross them. These sections should be from the top of the part all the way to the bottom of what you want braided...
When I get to the back/crown of her head, I stop and add an elastic.
You can just leave it like this and cover with a bow or flower. This time, I added the two pieces together in a pony and did a pull-through. I had straightened her hair the day before, so it was sticking out everywhere:)
I added flowers, and voila! Okay, so it was early in the morning and she fell asleep:) Kinda glad I still have her little booster seat:)
It looked really pretty half down, but for the pool I wanted it all up!
I just took the flowers out and put all of her hair that was down into a messy ponytail. It was adorable and stayed for the rest of the day!
Her hair got soaked, then dried, then back in the water... still stayed up...
Even when she could hardly stay up:)

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