Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Super-Easy-No-Pins-Stay-All-Day Updo

Here is one of the styles that I gave a peek of earlier this week. It is an awesome updo! You can make this dressy or fun, whatever you are going for:) I love this do and fix my own hair this way occasionally. My favorite things about this one? NO pins and it won't fall out!

Okay, so you have seen this first pic. I did it a different way for the tutorial pictures. This time, I put all the hair up, including her bangs. I like it both ways, but I think the bangs being down is a little better for my baby girl... Well, at least for everyday wear:)
So, to start, you want to part out the front hair and whatever tendrils you want hanging. And of course, the bottom if you are only doing half. Put the rest into a ponytail.
Next, I used a pony to hold her bangs back. This isn't the best picture and I actually re-did this, but didn't get another pic. Anyway, I just put the bangs in an elastic with some hair in the middle toward the bottom of the section. Then, twist the sections back and add them to the pony.
Do a pull-through up.
Another lousy pic, sorry:) Put an elastic at the end of the remaining hair; I fold over the ends the last time around, just to make it easier.
Now, just push the elastic and end of the hair up into the pull-through. This time, to make it a little fun, I pulled the ends out and spiked them a little.
So that's it! I used 4 elastics and this stayed all day!

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