Sunday, October 12, 2014

What a month!

Sometimes the days get away from you. In my case, an entire month! Here's a quick look into what I've been up to...

A hospital visit. Miss Sass has asthma. A few weeks ago, she had an asthma attack and just couldn't recover. We rushed to the ER and spent the night there. She had another asthma attack that same weekend. It was not as severe as the first and we did not have to go back in. However, she was then on additional steroids for a little over a week. If you have ever had a child on prednisone, you understand the challenge here! We had a wild child for two weeks!  

I am also going through some medical junk... I'm being tested for Celiac disease. More people than ever have at least heard of Celiac disease and gluten intolerance/sensitivity, so some of you may know what this means. I was put on a gluten free diet in the spring following blood tests and have felt so much better! Now however, they have decided to do a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. This means I have to eat gluten again until the test is completed. This means all of my symptoms are coming back, but with a vengeance! I've been throwing up daily and had severe headaches and back pain and I feel like I can barely focus on anything! I'm sure many of you don't care, but hey, it's my blog. Right? :) 

Another hospital visit.... Miss Sass again. Not asthma this time. She was chasing her brother through the house and got two fingers slammed in a door. Thankfully, there were no broken bones! She has a pretty nasty gash on one of the fingers and some bruising and swelling on both. It looks to be healing well and will not require stitches, so long as the skin re-attaches itself properly and there is not any infection. 

My work and my husband's work have been very busy and overwhelming lately. My hubby has worked many late nights and weekends. With three kids, all involved in different activities, the day just flies by! 

All of these things have kept me racing around and feeling that I don't have time even for the things that must be done each day. But things are starting to calm down. It feels like we've finally established a routine for our daily activities. 

So, here is the beginning of a list of posts I've had waiting for me to write and publish. Hope you've all had a great month and I look forward to getting back into the swing of things! 
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