Sunday, August 3, 2014

Combs, Brushes, etc.

 I wanted to give a quick word about the tools we use to fix hair. They are important, not just for function's sake. They also affect the health of our hair. These are some of the combs I use. They aren't the most expensive you can buy, but aren't from a drug store either. They are smooth. I can feel the difference in my own hair. They won't pull or tear the hair, they don't scratch the scalp. The black-handled beauty I use mostly for smoothing my hair for sleek styles. (It's amazing!) 
This is true for bobbi pins and clips as well. Higher quality isn't just about function, it's about avoiding damage and protecting your hair. 
Bottom line:
Spend the extra few bucks and show your hair some love! :) 

Side note: I have 3 new styles coming this week! :)

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