Sunday, August 17, 2014

French Braids and Curls ~ First Day of School

I don't think I've shared before what I do when I'm not being Mom or hairdresser... I work at a middle school as the Athletic Secretary and the Secretary to the Assistant Principal. If you have student who plays sports in school, you know how crazy things can get! The last two weeks have been non-stop! 
All this to say.... I'm a little behind. Ha! These are from earlier this week, but this is from her first day of school for this new year~ 

 I didn't get the best pics of her hair, but I still thought I'd share what we have. :) 
Oh, and if you remember from a recent post, she's still wearing those new shoes. She's so silly. Love it!
 We did a french braid on either side with just the top section. We pulled them together with an elastic at the crown and added a simple bow. Added some extra curl and voila! 

 I can hardly believe how mature this girl is getting! She just keeps getting more and more beautiful! 3rd grade, wow! And tomorrow is her birthday... She asked for a pretty dress, a new Audrey Hepburn movie, and the book Number the Stars. Such a big girl list! 
 And one last photo here... I was just snapping photos as Little Miss walked up to the building. This one is so sweet. (In my opinion.) My girl and her new teacher.  Love! 

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