Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Diagonal Pigtails with Braids

This cute style will definitely be in our school style line-up this year~ 

Start with a part going from the far left side to the right back side.  Pull the hair from the bottom side into a clip out of the way. (A still has bangs in there, so I pulled them into an elastic. But to make things easier, you could do a basic braid on the top too.)
Okay, so you can see here that we did a french braid in one strip behind the bangs pulled the ends of both into the right side piggy. 
 For the bottom half, separate out a small section and make a basic braid. Pull it along with all of the hair on that side into another piggy. 
 Make some puffy, messy buns using whatever method you prefer and you're done! 

 I might try to make the piggies poofier next time! But overall, so cute! :) 

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