Saturday, July 5, 2014

Star Braids into Piggies - Happy 4th of July!

This is a style that floats around the blogging world every year around this time and Little Miss finally convinced me to do it! :) It is actually very simple, even though it might look complicated. It takes a little extra time, but not much! 

Section out the hair from the back of ear to ear. Then part the back of the hair into pigtails and pull into elastics. Next, separate the front into three sections. I put a little bit of a poof to the middle. After these are in elastics, start braiding. I put two braids into the middle section and right sections first. then pull on of the braids from the right all the way over to the left and then braid all of the hair on the left side into one braid. You should have 4 total braids after this. Now, pull one braid from the top and the remaining braid from the right into the bottom, left piggie. Pull the remaining braid from the top and the braid from the left into the bottom, right piggie.

We wanted more braids, so I at this point, I added three braids to each pigtail. Finish off with a bow of ribbon or string at the pigtails and you're done! 

This probably looks like a mess, but man did the kids have fun! We get together with family and they all take turns setting of their firecrackers. I think we all actually spend less money this way! 

Hope you all had a happy and safe Independence Day! 

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