Saturday, July 19, 2014

Donating Hair

Okay. This post might be a shock for some of you! I don't often post photos of myself, but here goes! ;)

A couple years ago, I decided to donate my hair. It was a tough decision... I had a lot of hair! And once it was done, I love my short and lightweight hair! 

Here are a few before pics. (Cellphone selfies, please don't judge! haha)

Oh man, all that hair!!!! 
I was unable to donate to some places because my hair had highlights. But there are places out there that take colored/treated hair and they are happy to take any hair, so long as it is still healthy. But I did make sure to donate to someone who would use the hair for those in need and not for re-sale. The place chosen has since changed and I don't know the new name. (I can find out from my hairdresser if anyone is interested.) 

Like mother, like daughter... Little Miss insisted on a matching haircut. 

In all honesty, it looked lovely on her! 

And with curls... Oh my! 

Anyway, flash forward to this summer and we both have lots of hair again! Not quite as long as before, but almost there! (Since this photo, I've colored and layered my hair and got contacts. I guess I can't leave it alone!) If you've followed our recent posts, you know Miss Sass is working on growing her bangs out. She also hopes to grown her hair down to her waist. 

Have you donated your hair before? I love reading others' stories about this and seeing the happy faces of those who receive the wigs made from donated hair. Such a unique and beautiful thing to be able to do for someone going through a truly tough time! 

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